Wolf River Popcorn gets a visit from Memphis Local 24 for the "Local Biz" spot, showcasing how the company came about and where it's going.


Society Magazine spotlighted Wolf River Popcorn in the March 2015 issue



New labels are in and will be hitting the stores soon!

How do you like our new labels?

It seems that every time we turn around something new is added, changes are being made, someone is coming up with a smarter, more efficient way.  And yet it is all being done by building on what has been in place. Our new labels are a great example.

We started with a really fun and unique label highlighting our Wolf River wolf logotype and giving each flavor its own color… blue for caramel corn, brown for the Memphis Mix, red for the Cheddar Mix. Production costs and the evolution of our packaging from cellophane bags to bakery bags with windows to the current 4-ply Mylar “box” (“coffee bag” to you pragmatists) required us to keep the label small and flexible for the different products. We resorted to add-ons (the triangles and circles) to communicate all the required information.  But our product line kept growing and became more complex.  And then, eureka!!! Wolf River Popcorn went retail!!!
Terrific merchants in the Memphis area took a chance with us and carried our line.  So thank you Miss Cordelia’s, Trolley Stop, Book Sellers, Charlie’s meat Market. And THANK YOU Superlo !!!. But that meant that folks like you now saw Wolf River Popcorn on a shelf all by itself. Not at a booth at a farmers market (thanks to them we got this far).

On the store’s shelf meant that our label had to work harder, faster and with more “contemporary flair” to get attention, recognition and to stimulate purchase interest. The big snack makers’ packaging showed us that we had to design labels that were more contemporary, highlighted the product more clearly, be brighter and complimented our wonderful silver bag. So the Wolf got smaller, the label got bigger and the product is pretty close to life size.
The new resulting new labels are being introduced now. We hope that while they are still friendly and fun while being more attention-getting, more contemporary, more exciting, and certainly more compelling than any other popcorn packaging and labeling out there.

So, how’d we do? Let us know.  And, thank you.



Absolutely love Chef Jeff! He is an awesome inspiration! Tried the popcorn today for the first time! Memphis mix is delicious!! Gotta get more!!
Best Popcorn I've ever had!
 While all of these flavors are excellent, the Memphis Mix is addictive, buy it at your own risk.
Wolf River Popcorn is a howlin’ success in Texas. I had some friends over to taste both flavors, then took samples to our local farmer’s market the next day.
Great Popcorn. I have the Memphis Mix and it is wonderful!
The Memphis Mix is the perfect flavored popcorn. I love how the BBQ spice adds heat to the caramel. Yum Yum!
 The caramel and cheese popcorn are arguably the best popcorn I have ever tasted and I assure you I have tasted popcorn all over the U.S. and Canada. These are must try items.
I was visiting Memphis for a conference and they gave out a goodie bag with a bag of your Memphis Mix in it. I was so amazingly good, I ate the whole bag in one sitting. This stuff is so good. Great job y’all. Now I just wish I had more.
My wife had brought home the Caramel Corn and it was absolutely delicious!